Rusty Hearts Enters Open Beta

Rusty Hearts Enters Open Beta

After a series of technical difficulties and delays, Rusty Hearts is unlocking its doors. Although the game is still in technically in the beta stages, everyone is welcome to log on and have a go with this incredibly unique take on the MMO genre.

Rusty Hearts, a side scrolling Devil May Cry style MMO, is not simply tossing the doors open on what has already been available for leagues of people. The shift to open beta brings with it access to newly polished graphics, voice acted cut scenes, and loads of new content. To help celebrate the event, Perfect World is hosting tons of launch events that give you the opportunity to win prizes.

These aren’t you typical ‘enter and cross your fingers’ type of events either. Rather, the events will test your skills within the game and include challenges such as seeing how fast you can beat the “Lower Plant”. The winner of that event will receive a free Logitech F710 wireless controller. Other lucky players who amass the most gold and highest combos will receive both a limited edition Rusty Hearts poster signed by the Rusty Hearts team.

These are just a smattering of the events being held within the game. Check out the full list of events on the Rusty Hearts event page.

Those of you who have already been hack’n and slash’n your way through the game will also notice a significant drop in prices at the cash shop among other perks. Costume items are now permanent and the new “Mileage” shop is available for you to earn rewards on the items you’ve bought.

Rusty Hearts is an entirely free-to-play MMO, so head over to the Rusty Hearts download page and check it out.


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