Have You Pre-Ordered Yet? Dark Souls Limited Collector’s Edition

Have You Pre-Ordered Yet? Dark Souls Limited Collector’s Edition

If you dig collecting more than just souls, the Dark Soul’s Collector’s Edition may be just the thing for you. Especially since it doesn’t cost anything extra, but time may be running out.

More often than not the Collector’s Edition of a game costs more than the basic, stand alone version of the title. Well, Namco Bandai announced earlier this year that Dark Souls would in fact be receiving its very Limited Collector’s Edition and to sweeten the pot, it wouldn’t cost a penny more than the strip down version. All you have to do is pre-order the game at your favorite game retailer.

The Limited Collector’s Edition will include a limited edition art book with premiuim illustrations of characters and various environments from within the game, behind-the-scenes development videos detailing the developmental stages of the game, a mini-strategy guide, and the game’s soundtrack available for digital download.

Dark Souls predecessor, Demon’s Souls also featured a Collector’s Edition, but due to the game’s lack of immediate reception, it went largely unnoticed and instantly became a valuable collector’s item. It doesn’t look like the Dark Souls Collector’s Edition will follow suit, but it will still be relatively rare as it will only be available to those who have pre-ordered the game.

After chatting with various retailers, the stock on the available Dark Souls Limited Collector’s Editions will eventually run out and no more pre-orders will be take. That means if you are planning on buying this game, you may as well reserve it somewhere and get yourself a whole bunch of goodies for the exact same price!

Free is the best price after all.

Dark Souls is slated for release this October. Check out the full ManaTank preview here.

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