Metal Gear Solid: Risk… !

Metal Gear Solid: Risk… !

If  watching the sometimes insanely long cut scenes (including slightly homo-erotic sword fighting) from Metal Gear Solid 4 is what did it for you, then the prospect playing this insanely long MGS themed board game probably has you weeping uncontrollably.

If you’re a frequenter of the podcast you probably already know that I love Metal Gear to such an unhealthy degree, I’ve played through the final game four complete times and am going to be finishing my fifth presently. If you’re some sort of stalker you may also know that I have played an equally unhealthy amount of Risk in my time. We’re talking hundreds of games here. This looks like a great excuse to play another hundred games of Risk, and constantly quote Metal Gear while doing so.

Instead of the standard colored teams, MGS: Risk has players playing as one of five PMC groups (presumably Praying Mantis, Pieuvre Armement, Raven Sword, Werewolf and Otselotovaya Khvatka). Also included are 8 boss cards, 40 “Drebin” cards (possibly the victory cards just renamed) and 275 custom plastic pieces.

The only way to get your hands on said tactical stealth-espionage strategy game is through with a presale beginning on October 3rd. With a price point of $50 this is actually a fairly cheap compared to some other editions of Risk.


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