ManaTank Transforms

ManaTank Transforms

As you may have noticed, yesterday marked the debut of a few new features right here on ManaTank, and I’m here to tell you about what they’re for.

First and foremost, the ManaTank logo has went through another revamp, and now looks a lot snazzier, less grungy and more appealing than ever before. In addition to the logo revamp, logging and signing up for ManaTank is now easier than ever before thanks to our new login/signup options, which are placed on the right sidebar, just under the slider.

Those updates are nothing, however, compared to the new toolbar you may have noticed appearing down the bottom of the site. This nifty little interface is designed to make your life easier, and here’s a run down of what exactly each feature does:

  • The ‘Insert number here’ online option allows you to check out what fellow ManaTank dwellers are checking out, as well as telling you where in the world they’re coming from. Handy for checking out what’s hot!
  • The ‘Link Menu’ is basically the same as the navigation links at the top of the page, but placed in a more convenient, drop-down form.
  • Translate allows you, if you’re not of the English persuasion/just like other languages to convert all of ManaTank, without any page refreshing, into another language. Try it out!
  • Recent posts gives a break down of all our latest news, again in handy drop-down format.
  • Not quite sure where you want to go? Click random post and see where ManaTank whisks you off to.
  • The share option allows you to share any of our content across a wide variety of social media. Help us spread the ManaTank word!
  • The Like, Tweet and +1 options allow you to showcase our content across Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • My bookmarks allows signing up through your favourite social media platform and then allows you to save your favourite pages for later.
  • The links further to the right are our RSS Feed, Twitter and Facebook pages. These will load right here on ManaTank and allow you to follow us, comment on our walls and whatever else you please! Within reason.
  • The upward arrow icon allows you to instantly scroll to the very top of our website.
  • Finally, our live notification system will periodically update you with important news as we see fit, so keep an eye out for it changing!

That concludes everything you need to know about ManaTank’s changes – get out there, start exploring, and interact better with ManaTank than ever before.


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