InMomentum Preview: Taking a Minimalist Approach

InMomentum Preview: Taking a Minimalist Approach

Often times a game will attempt to pack itself full of features and stylized graphics only to fail as a result. Too much fluff often leads to a loss of scope and everything becomes a bit convoluted. Well, the folks at Digital Arrow are out to change that stigma with a little known game called InMomentum.

In an age of high-tech, flashy graphics, Digital Arrow is keeping things relatively simple. The whole goal of the game is provide you with an all out running and jumping experience where you actually feel like you are flying.

Part Mirror’s Edge part Tron part Minecraft, InMomentum features very basic, minimalist graphics with an equally basic control scheme, but don’t let that throw you. Often times it is the simplest of things that become addictive.

Each map in the game is a collection of floating platforms with you at a designated starting point and a finish line on the other end. Your whole goal is to jump there. No story, no villains, no enemies, just jumping. However, it isn’t that simple. As you jump, you must gain and maintain  momentum while executing a series of jumps and planning your route smoothly. To make matters worse, these levels are not small.

The entire thing takes place in a first person perspective and only requires a few basic buttons to control. The main movement, jumping, is controlled by the mouse. A right click will provide you with a very basic, simply jump that gradually progresses in length and speed as you use it smoothly in repeated succession. Left clicking will allow you to do the fable wall jump made famous in so many video games. Any vertical or nearly vertical surface can be used to perform a wall jump, but the speed and intensity of your jump will dictate just how well your wall jump works.

The shift key will certainly be an integral part of the game as it allows you to slow down time while you are soaring through the and air plot your route. While in slow motion you can steer your character toward your next wall, pillar, platform, or what have you, but this feature is certainly going to be your saving grace from the imminent failure that awaits you.

Each level has numerous paths through it and the only limits are your imagination. Digital Arrow certainly put the man hours in creating these intricate levels, so it’s in your best interest to do some exploring and see how many different ways you can traverse each map. You are going to fall a lot simply because it is going to take a great deal of time to plan your route, master your jumps, and execute them effectively. Fortunately, there are checkpoints laid out throughout each level (very sparingly I might add), but until you reach them you are at the mercy of your skill, ingenuity, and luck.

As you bound around the map you are going to be distracted by some shiny objects which are going to tug heavily at your desire to collect them. Little green orbs hover tauntingly in various spots around the map and each one you happen to collect will subtract a total of .25 seconds off your total competition time. A quarter of second may not seem like a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but you know you cannot resist the urge to collect things, no matter how trivial the reward is.

Another object that will garner your attention is a series of purple gates. You will be unable to pass through these gates until you shoot them open. A press of the space bar will yield a shower of flowery petal-like objects which will subsequently open the gate and the path beyond. However, seeing as how this is a very jumping oriented game, these purple gates and incredibly few and far between.

The central focus is going to be that improvement and mastery of your acquired skills. The beginning levels may come across as rather simple, but they are simply meant to prepare you for the trials that lay ahead. To aid in your airborne quest from start to finish will be a series of game changing power-ups and upgrades that will let you improve you jumping and wall-kicking abilitites.

You multiplayer fanatics out need not worry as Digital Arrow has you covered, too. InMomentum will feature a racing/FPS style multiplayer experience where your powerups improve your odds and your petal cannon becomes a weapon. Expect things to be insanely competitive as you and others bound around, running, jumping, and wall kicking your way to victoy.

Our very own Matt Eades, who also happens to be the Community Manager for Digital Arrow has procured a video of pure, unadultered, uncut gameplay footage of InMomentum. (The video is a bit outdated, but still shows the basics of the game.) Needless to say, if these video doesn’t get you excited for this game, nothing will.

[youtube id=”92DthKkfzvk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

[youtube id=”t-Vw6bjG0F0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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