Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Confirmed

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Confirmed

Upcoming Final Fantasy sequel XIII-2 is to get DLC after the game’s release, according to reports from Siliconcera. Square Enix is promising this will take the form of new weapons, new enemies and new costumes, meaning you’ll be able to extend your XIII-2 experience. Yay.

Talking at TGS (the Tokyo Game Show), series producer Yoshinori Kitase confirmed that the DLC would be made available at a ‘later date’ meaning the vast majority of it will probably come some time after the game’s release. On the other hand, Siliconcera also reports that some of the DLC will be made available as the ever popular pre-order incentive that accompanies nearly every game lately, so we’ll have to wait for confirmation on what form the DLC will take.

In case you missed it, Final Fantasy XIII-2’s official release dates were also revealed at TGS this year – the game will retail in Japan from December 15th this year, whereas the North American version will come January 31st 2012. Europeans will have to wait a few days more, as their version will not hit store shelves until February 3rd.

Any thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII-2 getting DLC? Are you in the mindset that they should of just included it in the game in the first place, or are you a person who loves nothing more than getting additional content later on? Does it make you all tingly inside? Perhaps you sprout horns and start swearing indiscriminately? Let us know, down below. In the comments.

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