Final Fantasy X HD Remake Incoming

Final Fantasy X HD Remake Incoming

In news that’s sure to divide the countless droves of Final Fantasy fanatics that inhabit this planet, Square Enix has just announced at the Tokyo Game Show that they’re going to release an HD remake of none other than widely popular title Final Fantasy X.

Details remain incredibly sparse about the product itself, but we do know that it will be available in full, glorious HD for both PS3 and Playstation Vita. No solid details on a release date have been revealed.

The news will come as a surprise to many Final Fantasy fans who have been clamoring for years for Square Enix to remake classic title Final Fantasy VII and have to, instead of been greeted with the visage of Cloud in HD, have to put up with Tidus and co instead.  Personally I’m in two minds about it – I love me some classic Final Fantasy X, but I’m not entirely sure why Square would begin with remaking X, rather than make the game everyone and their mother has been requesting for years on end. Unless of course it’s all just building up to that…

But what do you think fellow ManaTankians? Pumped to relive Tidus’ adventure through mad religious cults, giant killer whales named Sin and a good amount of Blitzball for good measure? Absolutely appalled by the stance taken by Square Enix? Tell us below in the comments.

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