The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Voice Cast Revealed

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Voice Cast Revealed

Today marked an official announcement from Bethesda about which voice talent would be lending their tones to Skyrim – there’s no Sean Bean this time, but there’s still a wealthy amount of Academy Award nominees

First up we have Christopher Plummer, who will be portraying the role Arngeir, described as a ‘powerful Greybeard elder. An order of philosopher monks who are master of the Way of the Voice, the Greybeards live in silent isolation atop Skyrim’s largest mountain.’ Plummer himself has been in countless films for most of his lengthy career, and has won two Emmy and two Tony Awards.

Next up is Academy Award nominee Max Von Sydow who has starred in (among others) The Exorcist, Minority Report and was even Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon. Now that’s just cool. Mr Sydow will be starring as Esbern, described as a ‘chronicler and agent of the Blades who has survived in hiding. Long obsessed with the foretold return of the dragon Alduin, the World Eater, Esbern will teach you how to confront this epic evil.’

Joan Allen, star of several of the Bourne films, and three-time Academy award nominee/Tony Award winner will be starring in a videogame for the first time as Delphine, one of the last members of the Blades which I’m sure you all remember from previous installments in the Elder Scrolls series.

In addition, iconic actress and singer, Lynda Carter (“Wonder Woman”), voices Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, one of the Nord heroes who overthrew the dragons in ancient times.

“It’s been incredible to have all these actors together,” said Todd Howard, Game Director. “When you start a project, you always make your wish-list of actors, and to actually hear them in the game, it’s amazing. We can’t wait for everyone to experience it.”


Skyrim’s cast also includes

  • Michael Hogan (“Battlestar Galactica”), who plays Imperial General Tullius, in charge of crushing the Stormcloak rebellion.
  • Vladimir Kulich (“The 13th Warrior,” “Smoking Aces”) portrays Hogan’s nemesis Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm and charismatic leader of the Stormcloaks, who aims to make Skyrim independent of the Empire.
  • Claudia Christian (“Babylon 5”) joins the cast as Legate Rikke, General Tullius’s chief lieutenant, a loyal Imperial officer as well as a Nord who firmly believes Skyrim must remain part of the Empire.
  • Diane Louise Salinger (“Carnivale”), Renee Victor (“Weeds”), and Saturday Night Live-alum George Coe (“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”) round out the star-studded cast of more than 70 different voice actors delivering over 60,000 lines of dialogue.

Not a bad line up. For more information on Skyrim, be sure to check out ManaTank’s own, totally comprehensive preview of Skyrim that tells you anything and everything you could possibly want to know about it ahead of the release date.


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