Dragon Quest X Online is the First Title Confirmed for Wii U

Dragon Quest X Online is the First Title Confirmed for Wii U

After 25 years of questing and monster hunting, the Dragon Quest series is far from slowing down. This past weekend at a Square Enix conference, it Dragon Quest X was the first title to be officially confirmed for the Wii U and it seems to be following the trend of other major RPGs around their 10th installment.

At the conference, Square Enix officially confirmed that Dragon Quest X would be available for release at some point next year and that it would be an “online RPG.” Now, whether or not that means MMORPG remains to be seen, but with the information provided that seems to be the case.

The trailer showed a game very similar in graphics and style to Dragon Quest VII: Journey of the Cursed King with multiple characters from various classes roaming about the battlefield.

Players will be able to create characters within five difference races: elf, ogre, weddy, pukuripo, and dwarf.

Now, if you look at the history of online RPGs, you will notice that a vast majority of them do not come with free online functionality. Unfortunately, it does not look like Dragon Quest X will be one of them that does. In a find by Adriasang on the game’s spec sheet, the category for USAGE FEES has the ominous TBD shoved in there. Unfortunately, it looks like Dragon Quest is going the way of Final Fantasy XI and XIV.

The title was also confirmed for the Wii and the online functionality would in fact be playable between Wii and Wii U users, making it one of the few games that have attempted to harness the power of cross-platform gaming.Also in contention for support is the 3DS. It will more than likely not receive a full release, though. Rather, the team is considering compatibility in terms of character transfers and such.

So, there you have it. Arguable one of the largest RPG series in the industry is jumping on the MMO bandwagon and potentially going to have at go at charging consumers to play their game. I don’t know how this really sits with me, but then again it has only been a day since it was announced. As long as it brings something unique to the table, I am ok with it!

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