Devastation Gears of War 3 Launch Party

Devastation Gears of War 3 Launch Party

Rarely does a game launch sneak up and surprise us as much as Gears of War 3 did, but that certainly doesn’t mean others weren’t aware of its pending arrival. To help celebrate the launch, the Microsoft Store in Scottsdale, AZ teamed up with Devastation to throw a bash that puts all other midnight releases to shame.

Scottsdale may be considered ritzy and high-class, but that usually translates into a good time for everyone. In order to give gamers a Gears of War launch party they would never forget, the Microsoft Store brought in the local Devastation Gaming Tournament team to host pre-launch party and Gears of War 3 tournament.

Aside from an entire swag bag filled with Microsoft and Gears of War goodies, those who turned up were treated to something far more exciting than standing in line with a bunch of other fanatics waiting for the stroke of midnight. Microsoft turned the entire store into a living, breathing Gears of War fan festival and Devastation provided the entertainment.

Hoards of gamers entered in a Wingman single elimination tournament and actually got to play Gears of War 3 well before midnight. Devastation brought over a dozen 360s and monitors, linked them together, and set up a giant LAN party for gamers to duke it out and compete for prizes.

Those who were just along for the ride weren’t left out in the cold as  a plethora of entertainment was available for them to enjoy. The local rock radio station KUPD was on site pumping tunes while gamers and fans meandered around watching the tournament and having a good time. Free pizza and drinks were stacked around the room for gamers and fans alike to enjoy while interacting with a superbly dressed crew of Gears cosplayers and partaking in free play stations around the store.

More people showed up for this event than any other midnight launch party I have ever been to and is a true testament to the quality of events put on by Devastation.

If you happened to miss this incredible launch party, worry not. Devastation is set to host its annual gaming tournament at the Phoenix Convention Center next month where players can gather and face off in any number of games in a variety of tournaments. Focus-Fire, the main supporter of this year’s EVO in Las Vegas, will be there to help host the event as well.

For more information about the Devastation Gaming Tournament, check out the official web page.


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