Dark Souls Stabbing Pirates in the Face

Dark Souls Stabbing Pirates in the Face

If you are one of the foolish, foolish individuals who thought you could get a jump on the competition by playing Dark Souls before it’s release date, From Software has an awesome surprise for you.By way of a Japanese blog called Esuteru, we caught word that the good people at From Software have delivered a huge helping of cold, hard justice to anyone who somehow managed to beat the game’s release date and play it early.

In Demon’s Souls players could invade one another as either blue or red phantoms and either help or hinder the progress of another players game. In Dark Souls that feature is still around, and the From Software dudes are using it to send level 145 Black phantoms into early players’ games to kill them over and over and over again. If you’ve ever been playing a game and ran into a boss fight that has somehow glitched itself into god mode this is pretty much like that, if said boss actively hunted you down regardless of where you were in the game.

And so, for punishing potential pirates and other miscreants not with hefty fines but with style, we take our collective hats off to you, From Software.

Soure: EDGE

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