Dark Souls Off to Rough Start in Japan

Dark Souls Off to Rough Start in Japan

For most games, launch day is a day for celebration and rejoicing in a job well done. But that isn’t always the case. The spiritual successor to arguably the hardest game ever made is suffering not from critical assault, but something far worse.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of modern game launches has to be the inclusion of bugs and glitches. Whether it stems from an oversight in technical development or poor QA testing, bugs, freezes, hiccups, and glitches do nothing but hinder the overall experience and Japanese gamers are suffering from just that.

Dark Souls, which released this week in Japan, seems to have taken a page from the Obsidian Entertainment book and came fully equipped with its very own set of locking and freezing issues. This incident has been far from isolated as plenty of people have been expressing their displeasure via a wide variety of online sources including Amazon. From the user reviews, the single player has a tendency to freeze or glitch out a bit while entering the online portion of the game locks the game up entirely. Probably not the most exciting feature of the game.

That doesn’t mean that Dark Souls is or will be a bad game as those who have managed to avoid any of the above issues have been singing the game’s praises through and through.

Let’s just hope that the Western release is met with a smoother, more streamline and ironed out game.

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