Black Ops Nuke Town 24/7 Double XP Weekend (PSN Only)

Black Ops Nuke Town 24/7 Double XP Weekend (PSN Only)

Hopefully you aren’t without something awesome to do this weekend, but in case you missed the huge in-game reminder or have abandoned the game for greener pastures, Blops is the place to be this weekend.

Perhaps one of the most exciting and well-balanced levels in Blops multiplayer, Nuke Town, is getting its very own playlist this weekend. And if that isn’t enough, all XP is doubled this weekend!Select the Nuke Town 24/7 playlist and enjoy a wide variety of game modes, all set on the smallest and most intense Blops map.

I’ve been trying oh so hard to break my COD addiction as of late, but events likes this make it near impossible to put the game away, especially if you are on the verge of prestiging. Double XP means that the first 10 levels are basically completed in one match and level 25 is easily achievable in under 20 rounds. Thanks Call of Duty for engulfing my entire weekend.

Unfortunately, this specialized playlist will only be available for PS3 players.

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