Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Goes Public

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Goes Public

Yes, a select few have been playing Battlefield 3 for quite awhile now under the cloak of a closed beta. Well, that veil has been lifted, revealing the glory that is BF3 to the world.

As of September 29th, Battlefield 3 will enter open beta status and provide players with the opportunity to hop on, play, and provide specific feedback about their individual experiences with the shooter.

Anyone who threw their money down early for the PC version through Origin or own the Limited/Tier 1 Edition of Medal of Honor for Xbox 360, PS3, or PC have already access to the beta starting yesterday.

To cash in on the fun you must simply download the beta from either the Xbox Live Marketplace, PSN Store, or the Free Games Page on Origin.

Once in, you will be treated to the popular Rush game mode on the Operation Metro map. Rush, an objective based mode, attackers are tasked with arming and detonating a pair of M-COM stations. Their assault with not be without heavy resistance as the defenders have an unlimited amount of spawn tickets -whereas the attackers will only accrue more tickets once a pair of M-COM stations are destroyed. If all the M-COM stations are destroyed, the attackers win. If even one station remains standing, the defenders win.

Rush will feature a large variety of vehicles specifically designed to take advantage of that map’s landscape and terrain. The Rush maps will feature such vehicles as troop transports, armored vehicles, helicopters, and the illustrious jets.

As with all betas, the fun will be short-lived. So shelve whatever other games you are playing and immerse yourself in what could quite possibly be the next generation of online shooters.

The open beta will run from September 29th until October 10th.

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