Wii U Will Learn From The 3DS, But Will You?

Wii U Will Learn From The 3DS, But Will You?

Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime is determined that the Wii U won’t suffer the same fate as the 3DS, stating “Certainly we will learn from the 3DS, both positive and opportunities and apply all of those next year to the launch of the Wii U.” That’s all well and good, but is it too late for consumers, who paid a fortune for a platform that just hasn’t delivered?

Talking to MTV Multiplayer, Fils-Aime also eleborated on how they use each hardware launch as a building block for the future. “”Every platform we launch, every title we launch, we do a deep dive of understanding what worked, what didn’t work,” he said,  “How do we take the learning and apply it to future initiatives?”

“Things like the importance of digital. Certainly the importance of strong first-party support right at the launch. Those are things that we will look to strongly reapply as we prepare for Wii U.”

This basically means that, after a lengthy spell of seeing hardly any strong first-party Nintendo games on the Wii, we may actually be greeted with a whole load of them when the Wii U hits retail. Along with the promised focus on third-party support as well, the Wii U hopefully won’t go the same way as the 3DS, which has had a significant price cut in just its fourth month of release.

You may remember at E3 there was alredy shots shown of Zelda on Wii U – this isn’t yet a full game though and is currently not in development. Rather, it was just a teasing tech demo and, although Zelda seems like a no brainer for the console, it is not currently in development.

It would also seem as if there’s going to be a focus on digital distribution as well, so I imagine Nintendo will be actively pushing their online platform much more with their next generation of home console.

Fils Aime Looked Happy Back Then, But The 3DS Hasn’t Delivered

The question here though, is will the Nintendo fan be burnt out by the 3DS and be put off from buying the Wii U because of the way Nintendo has handled it, or will you trust Nintendo to deliver the goods and pull their fortunes back around with the Wii U?

Those who bought the new handheld haven’t had the best year – they’ve generally been surviving on a diet of Zelda and a few other lesser titles, which isn’t enough support for a brand new platform. Sure, there’s a lot promised for the future, but Nintendo is taking there sweet time to get people to adopt to the 3DS via their software.  Sadly, the same is true of the Wii this year; lacking in serious titles, Nintendo is basically, again, banking on Zelda as being the driving force for software sales this year.

If Nintendo truly wants to learn from the 3DS, they need to learn that they need to support those who stick by them.  A lot of people have been soured by the 3DS and lost faith in Nintendo, so while Nintendo pledges to learn from the 3DS’ mistakes, you have to also wonder if the Nintendo fan will also learn from it, and as such be put off from purchasing future Nintendo products unless they deliver an experience that isn’t as flawed, has better support and has a justifiable price point that won’t break your bank balance.

There’s still millions of fans of Nintendo out there, but being scorned by a platform which you’ve invested a huge amount of time and money into is enough to put even the most hardcore of fans off the console. Gamers who only own a Wii find themselves floundering in gaming hell this year while the Xbox 360 and PS3 are graced with the presence of countless exclusive titles – in comparison Nintendo’s little white box is left floundering and gathering dust while everyone waits for Skyward Sword to come out and give them a reason to play again.

So, the question is, will you learn from Nintendo’s mistakes, or do you believe they still have the means to make Wii U the next big thing? Tell us below whether you have faith in Nintendo, your Wii U plans, and everything else that may be on your chest!


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