White PS3 Vault Case Makes a Surprise EVO 2011 Appearance

White PS3 Vault Case Makes a Surprise EVO 2011 Appearance

For as long as consoles have existed there have been people trying to customize them to fit their own personal style. Unfortunately, the coolest mods often void the systems manufacturer warranty. Thankfully, the good folks over at Calibur 11 have developed a way to mod your system case without the hassle of tearing it apart.

Case mods range from cheap, simple stickers that are hastily slapped on over the surface of the existing case all the way to LED ridden, liquid cooled, heat-reducing custom-built shells that probably cost more than the system. The downside to the coolest of these mods is that you actually have to know what you are doing in order to install them. If you have never taken a PS3 apart, it looks like this inside:

Pieces, parts, and screws are bound to be scattered across the room and potentially lost. But the worst thing of all is losing that original manufacturer warranty because let’s face it, console these days just aren’t built the way they were 20 years ago.

So if you find yourself in the boat full of people who are a bit hesitant to fillet their system on the kitchen table and start installing custom lights but want a cool looking system, Calibur 11 has you covered.

At EVO 2011, Gaming Generations brought along a few brand new case mods from the esteemed Calibur 11 case making company. These cases are designed to quickly and easily snap on over your system’s current shell, leaving everything in factory approved condition. Now, you may be thinking that anything that just snaps on over the system is bound to have some flaws and lack a certain cool factor. I can assure you on both accounts that these cases are anything but lame.

I previously revealed that I got some hands-on time with the exclusive Gears of War 3 case mod that was revealed at E3, but that was not the only Calibur 11 case we were sporting at EVO.

Alongside the Gears case was the official MLG license case that looked strangely like a Combine Soldier from Half-Life 2 or perhaps a Helghast Soldier from the Killzone series. Regardless of any likeness, the face on the case is definitely not either of those two. Probably the coolest feature of this case is the USB powered, color-rotating eyes that adorn the face on the side of the case. Unlike the Gears of War case, these eyes do not indicate your health status and flash when you are getting shot, they are simply for show.

However, one of the cases that was really drawing a lot of attention was the sleek looking white PS3 Vault case that we had set up at the capture station.

Often times the simplest and most basic mods can bring a lot of attention. Held together by two screws and a base stand, each case gives your system a simple overhaul along with a place to store at least one controller. Unfortunately, I did notice that the amount of heat given off from these systems while sporting the case was alarmingly higher than usual, but that very well could have been because they were on and being play for almost 20 hours a day.

These cases run $59.99 for the basic models and $89.99 for the Gears of War and MLG case. The PS3 case is not available yet, but if you are of the Xbox 360 persuasion and think you’re ready for a bit of an upgrade, Gaming Generations has them available for Xbox 360 in six different colors.

Gaming Generations Vault Cases

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