Vital Vita Info Revealed at GamesCom

Vital Vita Info Revealed at GamesCom

There’s been an absolutely crazy amount of stuff announced about the Playstation Vita at GamesCom, sadly nothing on a conrete release date as of yet, but we now known there’s going to be a ton of first class support for the product.

The Vita itself is alleged to be release this holiday in Japan, with European and North American releases not following until some point in 2012 – Sony is deliberately not revealing the official date as of yet, which hopefully should be changed soon enough.

The conference began with a talk of Vita’s new social features, including ‘Near’ which shows you what nearby friends are playing, ‘Party’ which allows voice and party chat with your chums and ‘LiveArea’ which gives you the latest gaming news from your friends. Naturally there’s also support for your typical social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as well. They’re basically touting social connectivity as a big selling point of Vita, as it also connects to the Ps3 to create one big, happy Playstation Network.

Next up is a showcase of Resistance: Burning Skies, a Vita exclusive that’s just been revaled. The game includes touch screen and sixaxis motion control, and is looking extremely impressive running on such a small device. The idea behind the storyline of this game is that your main character is a firefighter destined to become a legendary resistance fighter, so it’s interesting to see Insomniac introducing another character to the Resistance Universe.

Stepping onto the stage in the form of a trailer is Little Big Planet Vita, which they’re touting as being a great product because you can create stuff on the fly wherever you are, and you can also use the Vita camera to take pictures in real life and make in-game items! Snazzy.

We’re also getting more games including Fifa Vita, Reality Fighters and something called Escape Plan. Sony’s touting Reality Fighters as taking real world locations and turning them into game scenarios where you can fight, which looks pretty interesting. Escape Plan, meanwhile, is a side-scrolling, black and white platformer.




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