Skyrim Collector’s Edition Details: Start Saving Now

Skyrim Collector’s Edition Details: Start Saving Now

It’s no secret that we here at Mana Tank are beyond excited for the release of Skyrim. The mere utterance of its name is enough to bring some of us to our knees in agony over the four month wait.  And with Bethesda releasing more and more about this game by the day, the wait is becoming almost unbearable, especially with this type of collector’s edition.

Anything worth owning these days has a Collector’s Edition, but chances are it is filled with a load of rubbish that really doesn’t warrant you ponying up the extra dough to upgrade. However, and this may be my unabashed bias glowing through here, but Bethesda has literally out done themselves again.

Skyrim, perhaps one of the biggest games ever to be released is going to get a very limited Collector’s Edition that is worthy of bearing the Elder Scrolls name. If you remember back to 2006 when Oblivion launched, hopefully you weren’t like I was and got suckered into buying the Oblivion Collector’s Edition. A small pamphlet and a pewter coin? Really… REALLY? Well, not to repeat history, Bethesda has announced the contents of the Skyrim Collector’s Edition.

The Game (Obviously)

A Giant Map

‘The Making of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ DVD -Your run-of-the-mill behind the scenes dvd that includes interviews with the game’s developers as they wlak you through the various development stages of the game as well as provide a bit more insight about the setting, story, gameplay, and the whole series in general.

Alduin Statue – Crafted from high quality PVC by the folks at IP Factory, who bought you the Team Fortress statues, this statue stands a whopping foot tall. The dragon was modeled from actual in-game digital files and sits perched atop one of the game’s many dragon walls.

‘The Art of Skyrim’ Official Art Book – Perhaps my favorite addition to the Collector’s Edition, this 200 page art book showcases full-collor illustrations, sketches and models of characters, creatures, environments, and weapons from Skyrim. Also, the book will feature a forward by none other than Todd Howard.


Rumored to retail at $149.99, this Collector’s Edition is targeting exactly what the name implies, collectors. Rest assured, the game alone will provide you with well over $150 worth of gameplay content alone, so technically the rest is just a bonus!

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