Sign Up For the Secret World Beta

Sign Up For the Secret World Beta

Want to get your hands on early access to upcoming MMORPG The Secret World? Of course you do – come inside for some info on how to get your paws on it.

The Secret World is designed around the nightmares of the world really existing, and a man who has the power to allow you to see the world for what it really is. Three factions are locked in a Secret War in the Secret World with the horrors of lore and these three are known as the Illuminati, The Dragons and The Templar.

In order to sign up for the beta you need to head on over to The Secret World website where you’ll be prompted, after viewing the game’s trailer if you’re so inclined, to take a personality test and choose which of the three factions you’ll want to join. After you’ve done all that you’ll then need to connect your Facebook to the Secret World, and you’ll be all set up and hopefully get your hands on a beta code once they start dishing them out.

Unless you are without Facebook or indeed without a personality itself, the process is relatively simple to complete. The game itself looks pretty damn good, so I’d recommend signing up for it as soon as possible.



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