Show Your RAGE, Get Collectible

Show Your RAGE, Get Collectible

Why not feed your RAGE this October by pre-ordering the exclusive RAGE Collector’s Edition from GAME in the UK? Filled with goodies and lots of ragey goodness, this is the quintessential pack for all fans of being angry.

The pack contains the following items:

  • ‘Making Of’ DVD – Exactly what it says on the tin. Step behind the scenes with iD Software, the game’s producers, and experience the world of rage from behind the eyes of the creative minds who made it. The DVD includes details of missions, story and also includes footage of the 2011 QuakeCon event, where RAGE was shown off to the adoring public.
  • Comic Books – Exclusively made for the RAGE series, these comics tell the tale of RAGE before the main storyline kicks off, offering rare insight into the backstory of the series.
  • The RAGE Anarchy Edition – Includes lots of downloadable content for you to play around with in game. Gamers will be treated to an exclusive double-barrelled shotgun, crimson elite armour, fists of RAGE (a close quarters weapon which seems to be a nod to classic game Streets of Rage) and you’ll also get your paws on the Rat Road Buggy, an exclusive vehicle to roam the wasteland in.

Strangely enough, GAME is actually selling the collectors pack for exactly the same price as the normal retail pack, both costing at time of writing £39.99. Whether this is an oversight on their part of a real excellent deal remains to be seen, but I’d advise people in the UK interested in RAGE to get pre-ordering right now in order to make good on the saving. You can pre-order the game, right now, over at GAME’s website.

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