The End of Shepard: Mass Effect 3 Concludes His/Her Story Arc

The End of Shepard: Mass Effect 3 Concludes His/Her Story Arc

Wave bye bye to Commander Shepard. The space-hopping, Reaper-killing, renegade or paragon galactic hero will not return for any more games after Mass Effect 3, although Bioware is claiming it is not the end for the Mass Effect franchise itself.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Bioware CEO Dr. Ray Muzaka had the following to say when quizzed about if ME3 would conclude the franchise. “Not at all no,” he says, “We have ambitious plans to continue this franchise going forward. Mass Effect 3 is simultaneously a couple of different things; a thrilling and epic conclusion to the trilogy as we promised our fans we’d provide for Commander Shepard, but it’s also a brand new beginning – it’s an entry point for new fans and it’s also a brand new beginning.”

Further questions were also posted to the game’s producer, Michael Gamble. He said, when quizzed about the end of Shepard. “Yes, after this, Commander Shepard’s story is complete.” he says, and concludes with being asked by PC Gamer for confirmation that we’ve seen the last of Shepard. “Correct.” he says, outlining that ME4, or whatever it shall be, shall be entirely without our dodgy-dancing and reporter-punching he/she.

It makes me wonder if Commander Shepard will die or not in spectacular fashion at the conclusion of ME3 – it seems logical that the hero of the galaxy would lay down his/her life for the greater good, does it not? However knowing Bioware there’ll probably be multiple endings depending on what you’ve done in the game, so we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

In other news, Bioware’s recent fan vote has outlined what the upcoming default model of ‘FemShep’ – as she is now dubbed – will look like in ME3. She’s a rather fiery looking red-head, beating off competition from the more conventional blondie and brunette Shepards who Bioware also had on offer. Here’s a shot of her:

This new FemShep will feature prominently on the cover of ME3 Collector’s Edition, the first time a female Shepard has graced the cover of a Mass Effect game.

How do you feel about a lack of Commander Shepard in potential future installment of Mass Effect though? Will it be terrible, not having command of the Normandy and all of its ragtag crew? Would you prefer Commander Shepard continuing on his exploits through the galaxy instead of getting someone new? Do you despise the new FemShep or love her to bits? Let us know in the comments box below.


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