Rusty Hearts Beta Set to Re-Open With Phase 2 (Updated)

Rusty Hearts Beta Set to Re-Open With Phase 2 (Updated)

After a week of downtime, maintenance, and updating, the Rusty Hearts close-beta is about to re-opened with a slew of new content for gamers to explore.

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Part Devil May Cry, part World of Warcraft, all style; Rusty Hearts is a free to play MMO game that is currently in the closed-beta stages and undergoing a massive series of upgrades.

If you are among the lucky few who have been invited to play the closed-beta, you will have more than likely noticed the lack of availability over the course of the past week. Fear not for at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern time the beta will official re-open, fully stocked with tons of goodies for you to check out.

Direct from the Rusty Hearts website, here is a list of new features that you can expect to see when you login:

Town Restructure – Players can save time by navigating the Town without interruption. It will now turn in to one zone that will let players explore seamlessly.

Wanted Board Adjustment – Wanted Boards will display  “Wanted Quests” that will display a images of ever-changing enemies and their location. Players will then have to track that enemy down and take it down.

Distinctive Crafting – Items that are crafted will now have a much more distinctive and intimidating appearance. This new appearance will help make crafted items stand out from the standard items.

Item Drop Rate Adjustment – Drop rates for items have been updated to be more varied and help make gameplay more dynamic and intriguing.

More PVP Arenas – New Intermediate and Advanced arenas will be activated to match players with similar experience and levels. In addition, PVP points/scores will not be affected by Free Battleground gameplay.

PvP Balance Adjustment – Tude’s gauntlet has been slightly strengthened to increase competitive balance with other characters in  PVP battles

Player Comparison Information – Get in-depth knowledge of other players and opponents by right clicking on them and viewing their stats. This option may give you a leg up by comparing your stats to others as well as potentially helping new players find the best way to manage their characters.

Dead Man’s Chest Renewal – Chests have been revamped and will have a more random and valuable dispersion.

Monster Spawn Deflection – Monsters will no longer be invincible and block attacks as they spawn. Players can now attack them immediately for maximum spawn damage.


Monster HP Information – Get more screen real estate by clearing up HP bars from enemies. Go to [SET GAME OPTIONS] – [SETTINGS] – [NAME DISPLAY OPTIONS]  and you will have the option to move monster’s HP bar to the top right of your screen rather than above them.

Prerequisite Skill Requirements – Learning certain skills will be contingent upon currently having learned previous skills. This skill point management system will help create a deeper gameplay that will encourage players to choose their skills wisely.

Item Option Adjustment – Epic items’ random options will have added depth by including more specific options

Gold Card System Revamped – Strategy will be tested as Gold cards will now be shuffled even after the looting session has begun.

Gem Blending – Blending 3 gems of the same color will now dispense a gem box of the corresponding color.

Dismantling Items/Costumes –  When dismantling unique items, players will be given a valuable material that can be used for crafting advanced items.

Similarly, dismantling an animal costume will give players materials for crafting a special weapon.

Item Quality Grade Information- Instead of just being rated Normal/Rare/Magic/Unique/Epic Good/Epic Best, items will have a more in-depth and robust label of +1+2,+3,+4,+5 for each rating.

Countdown Bypass – Quickly move on to the loot screen by skipping the 10 second countdown after beating a boss.

New Costumes – Tons of new costumes that will allow you to stand out in the crowd.

There’s still no official word on the exact release date of the game, but if it’s half as good as the beta, it’s going to be a keeper!

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The Rusty Hearts Beta Phase 2 has been delayed. The following is a direct statement from the development team posted on their site.

We have delayed the launch of Phase 2 by a few hours as we have encountered some techinical issues that we hope to have resolved shortly. Please keep an eye on the game launcher as we will notify you when the game is live. Thank you for your patience.

-Rusty Hearts Team


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