Rezurrected COD? How Very Fishy.

Rezurrected COD? How Very Fishy.

Ready for more zombie killing fun? Well you’ll be delighted to learn that COD: Black Ops’ Rezurrection map pack hits retail as of today, bringing a whole host of zombie shooting, with some of it even taking place on the moon.

The pack marks the fourth piece of COD DLC to hit retail for Black Ops, meaning you’ve probably spent more on one game than your entire gaming lineup if you’ve bought every single one.

The new pack is available exclusively on Xbox 360 (for the moment) and retails for 1200 Microsoft points. In the pack you’ll get four remastared World at War map packs, as well as the all new moon level, boasting – among other things – zero-g jumping and the undead in space.

So shamble over to Xbox Live and pick up the map pack, it’s available right now.



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