Pre-Order Battlefield 3 On Origin For Early Beta Access

Pre-Order Battlefield 3 On Origin For Early Beta Access

Are you absolutely itching to have a go at Battlefield 3? Do you spend your evenings silently cursing those lucky select few who are already testing the game at alpha level, one day swearing your revenge upon their souls? Ok, probably not, but if you are interested in playing Battlefield 3 before the official release date, there is a way!

Those in the US of A who use EA’s new online distribution service, Origin, may well have been surprised to see that pre-ordering Battlefield 3 now promises the user early access to the beta, which is apparently in the works to be released this September, just before the games’ official release.  It’s the latest in a string of exclusive incentives from Origin, including being the only online distribution platform where it is possible to obtain a copy of the highly anticipated MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Eurogamer did some digging and found out that this incentive is not offered in the UK, instead gamers trying to pre-order the title from a UK residence will only be offered the Back to Karkand expansion, Physical Warfare weapon pack and items for Battlefield Play4Free. Of course, this could be subject to change as it’s more than a bit unfair for DICE to focus on just one country, but we’ll have to wait and see whether the incentive will also be offered to UK gamers as well.

Image courtesy of MTV Multiplayer

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