Like it or Not, We’re Getting More Duke Nukem

Like it or Not, We’re Getting More Duke Nukem

A decade worth of hype came crashing down with the release of Duke Nukem Forever, but surely you didn’t think that would lead the Duke into a well deserved retirement, did you?

Thanks to Gearbox, fans the world over finally got the chance to reunite with the Duke in Forever, but believe it or not, the team was already hard at work on another Duke title well before Forever fell into their laps.

Despite the game’s general hatred among the gaming community, Take-Two has in fact stated that it was profitable enough to warrant a continuation of the series. Although, rather than rebuild from the ground up, an old, half-finished title locked away in some musty drawer will be dusted off and finally completed.

That title, Duke Begins , was originally set to hit shelves some time in 2010, but ultimately suffered the fate of so many games; cancellation. Court battles and harsh unpleasantries  aside, the October issue of the Official Xbox Magazine reportedly has word on a rumor that Gearbox is in fact going to reboot Duke Begins, but not until the current Aliens” Colonial Marines project is completed.

Do we really need any more Duke? At what point do we realize that some things are best left in the past and let the Duke fade away in to the distant memory of our pasts?

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