Nintendo Dropping 3D From 3DS?

Nintendo Dropping 3D From 3DS?

If recent rumours from a fellow gaming website are to be believed, Nintendo is planning a drastic redesign of the 3DS, and may opt for dropping the 3D component of the device altogether due to the poor reception it has received so far.

Coming courtesy of French website 01Net, they are claiming that the redesigned 3DS ‘radically tones down’ the 3D aspect of the device and that it could lead to an entire rebranding of Nintendo’s latest handheld. Since many have been reluctant to play with the 3D technology switched on this could well be a good decision on Nintendo’s part – people simply haven’t adopted to the 3DS like Nintendo hoped, after all.

While you should take these rumours with a pinch of salt as there’s no confirmation as of yet, Eurogamer did a little digging and found out that 01Net actually broke specs of PS Vita/Wii U before their release dates, so there could be some truth to this information.

This information comes after the recent drastic price drop of the 3DS, which Nintendo had to implement after widely declining worldwide sales of the device. It is also worth noting however that game developers are still making 3D games – whether this is to be the last batch, however, still remains to be seen.

Hopefully we’ll get an official announcement from Nintendo soon enough, and you’ll be sure to get all the info you need right here on as we get it.

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