Modern Warfare 3 Goes Portable

Modern Warfare 3 Goes Portable

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s console domination continues as developer N-Space has just announced that a version of the game will also be coming out for Nintendo DS later this year.  That’s DS, not the 3DS.

Named, apparently, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Defiance, the game is already said to miss out on a lot of stuff that the bigger brothers offer on the consoles.  N-Space had the following to say through their official Facebook page:

“You guys all need to understand that we make the games we are hired to make, it is not our call to decide which platforms to support. Obviously we are big 3DS fans and supporters as we have 3 titles in development. If it were as simple as us choosing what products and platforms to develop for I would get a lot more sleep.”

It seems strange that Activision isn’t keen to put their biggest IP on Nintendo’s new handheld – I’m putting it down to lack of faith in the 3DS’ capabilities/the lack of people adopting to the console (which has been far lower than Nintendo has hoped). However this is good news for those with an original DS and not much else – you can still get your COD fix. The game was also announced last week for Wii, meaning there’s hardly a gaming platform out there that remains untouched.


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