‘Mists of Pandaria’ To Be Next WoW Expansion?

‘Mists of Pandaria’ To Be Next WoW Expansion?

Blizzard, the good people behind hugely popular MMO World of Warcraft, may have just inadvertently revealed their next expansion pack for the game, as they just trademarked something known as ‘Mists of Pandaria’.

Found by the grand diggers of trademarks at MMO-Gamer, the trademark appears to be an expansion pack because the trademark covers such things as ‘computer game software’ and ‘computer game disks’.  Since the last expansion, Cataclysm, came out in 2009, it isn’t hard to imagine that Blizzard is hard at work on the next iteration of software to hit the game.

Pandarians are actually a bizarre race of Panda-humans that are inspired by the vast culture of Asia etc – they’re often considered to be a ‘joke’ race among the WOW community, so perhaps this goes to show that Blizzard is focusing more on delivering a witty experience with their next expansion.  It seems also that the player will probably also be able to explore the land of Pandaria for the first time, which, I gather, is probably going to be quite misty and filled with Panda creatures.

Naturally Blizzard is remaining completely silent on the matter, they told IGN that they’re not ready to reveal any details just yet about the game.


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