A Lonesome Road Through the Wasteland

A Lonesome Road Through the Wasteland

The fourth piece of exclusive DLC for Fallout: New Vegas just got a release date and a price point on Xbox Live, the PSN and Steam. Entitled Lonesome Road, the pack also comes out just before some other, lesser content.

The DLC pack itself is set to come out on September 20th and promises to explore the story of a man named Ulysses, the original courier who refused to take the platinum chip which famously got you shot in the head. In order to do this you’ll be a going to an area known as ‘The Divide’, a place apparently ravaged by hurricanes and earthquakes. Perfect place for a vacation.

Lonesome Road will set you back 800 MS Points, or 9.99 Euros on PSN and Steam. In addition to the new DLC pack, New Vegas fans will be also able to download, from September 27th, two new packs that give some bonuses.

The first, Courier’s Stash, will be available for 160 MS points or 1.99 Euros and will give players access to pre-order content that, until now, hasn’t been available unless you had a special code. Entitled the Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack and Tribal Pack, they each offer unique weapons, apparel and aid advantages that will help you throughout your journey.

The second piece of DLC is entitled Gun Runner’s Arsenal, and retails for 320 MS Points or 3.99 Euros. This piece of DLC increases the range of unique weapons, weapon mods, ammo types and recipes waiting to be uncovered in the vast Mojave Wasteland.


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