Introducing LVL UP!

Introducing LVL UP!

Welcome, fellow Manatankers, to our latest, RPG centric section. This, is LVL Up, and here you’ll find a whole host of featured content centered around RPGs, things within RPGs, discarded manapotions, breaking of MP limits, use of firaga and reviving people using Pheonix Downs. Over the next few months this section will continue to grow slowly but surely so be sure to come back every so often and tell us what you’d like to see us write articles about in our forums (which you can access up the top on the nice big shiny bar).

Since I’m currently obsessing over it, I should be doing an article based on classic SNES RPG Super Mario RPG very shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for that one if I can tear myself away from the game for long enough to actually write anything.

So yeah, welcome to LVL UP, Manatank’s official RPG corner, and thanks to you all for your continued support of our magically fueled gaming crusade!

In the meantime, enjoy white mage cat.


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