Humble Bundle 3 Gets Steel Storm

Humble Bundle 3 Gets Steel Storm

Everyone loves free bonuses, right? Well, hopefully you have been supporting everyone’s favorite indie developers over the past year by taking advantage of the insane savings being offered by the Humble Bundle’s.If loads of games for an unbeatable price isn’t enough, one more game has been added after the fact to the Humble Bundle 3, Steel Storm.

The concept behind the Humble Bundle is simple. A bunch of indie developers band together, pack their games into one sweet package, and let you choose the price you want to pay. If you want to pay full retail price for each game, go ahead. If you want to show how much you really love their games and drop a grand, be my guest. Or, if you want to be a cheapskate and walk away with a bunch of games for a penny, I guess that’s fine too. You choose the price.

What makes the deal even better is that you can choose where exactly you want the money to go. You can designate 100% of the proceeds to the developers or break it up between developers and charity. Everything is entirely up to you.

The Humble Bundle 3 became available not too long ago and has just received an additional game to sweeten the pot. Steel Storm, the space age shoot ’em up with a cel-shaded twist, has been tacked on after the fact. Anyone who has already purchased the bundle simply has to go back to their downloads page and select the game. No additional charges are required.

The humble bundles are not available forever though. The Humble Bundle 3 is only available for another 6 days.

The Humble Bundle 3

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