Holy 3D Technology Batman!

Holy 3D Technology Batman!

Another day, more news about Batman’s latest adventure. Today it’s been revealed that Batman Arkham City is to support snazzy 3D across all platforms, if you’re so lucky to own a ludicrously expensive 3D television that is.

Scheduled for release October 21st, the game will now support the 3D technology on Xbox 360, Ps3 and PC, should you be that way inclined. Apparently there’s also an option for something called ‘anaglyph’ 3Dtv (which I’ve never heard of) which actually allows players to see some 3D on bog standard HDTV, provided, naturally, you’re wearing your silly 3D spectacles.

As seen above, the GOTY edition of the game’s predecessor, Arkham Asylum, actually came with 3D as well, so Rocksteady has done this all before.

Arkham City is rapidly shaping up to a be a more than robust package – only yesterday it was announced that Mr Freeze would be making an appearance, adding to the depth of the game.

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