A More Friendly Obsession: LEGO Universe Free to Play Launches

A More Friendly Obsession: LEGO Universe Free to Play Launches

Adults and children alike have shown the world time and time again that they can just not get enough LEGO anything. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, Indian Jones and so on have all received the royal treatment and allowed many of us to relieve our childhood playtime in full motion. Well, if you just can’t get enough of the LEGO series, you may be in need of some LEGO Universe.

LEGO Universe has just launched its Free to Play Service today, enticing gamers to hop on, play with friends, battle chaos, and build to their heart’s content.  You would think that something online based and free would be a bit lacking in the content department, but the LEGO Universe Free to Play experience promises to provide you with more than enough content to keep you busy, while hopefully enticing you to sign up for a full $10 per month membership.

The Free to Play zone will provide gamers with two adventure zones and on player property area for building virtual LEGO models. PLayers will also have access to thousands of other players’ properties. If simply building LEGO models isn’t enough for you, here is a full list of what the game’s Free to Play experience will offer:

Here’s a list of all the cool stuff Free to Play players can do in LEGO Universe:
• Custom build one LEGO hero
• Interact with in-game friends
• Collect up to 10,000 coins
• Earn Universe Score to level up
• Play through The Venture Explorer
• Play through Avant Gardens
• Join the Nexus Force
• Sample Faction Gear
• Play the Survival mini-game
• Claim the Avant Gardens Block Yard Property
• Fight the Spider Queen
• Place LEGO models you have collected
• Build LEGO models of your own
• Bring LEGO models to life
• Visit thousands of other players’ Properties

The game is available via free digital download only and you can get it right here.

In the meantime, take a look at what you’ll be getting yourself into with this gameplay trailer.

[youtube id=”4EPxxrgDVFs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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