Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow

Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow

Mr Freeze is the latest villain to be revealed for Batman Arkham City, and now he’s got his own trailer.

[youtube id=”yXqj0rpyD2c” width=”600″ height=”350″]

A lot more sadistic than the version portrayed by Arnie in flop film Batman and Robin, Victor Fries is shown in a high-tech cryo suit and proclaims that Batman must bring him Nora, Freeze’s long lost love who is frozen in ice, or otherwise Freeze will kill Batman.

The trailer showcases a few cut scenes involving Freeze and Bats, as well as showcases some of Freeze’s combat abilities, which seem to include his trademark ice gun, and also a shield that repels Batman’s efforts to attack.

In short, this looks like yet another excellent villain addition to what is shaping up to be an adversary packed game. Batman Arkham City is to be released this October and – honestly – I can’t wait.


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