Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tosses a Moogle or Two Your Way

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tosses a Moogle or Two Your Way

Sit back and drink in the absolute beauty that is shaping up to be Final Fantasy XIII-2. Square-Enix is slowly releasing a trickle of screenshots here and there, but none have been quite as entertaining as this.

Good things do come in threes, and although there have been countless packs of FF13-2 screenshots, these three images perhaps evoke the most excitement from within me. Despite their irresistible cuteness, I will finally be able to get my virtual hands on one of those fluffy moogles and give it a toss or two.

Kupo THIS!

Alright, fortunately the Moogle is actually going to serve purposes other than to satiate our sadistic desires. This particular moogle is joining Serah and Noel on their journey and lending a helping hand by sniffing out hidden treasures and aiding in battle. Occasionally he will indicate he has found a hidden treasure that is just out of your reach, leaving you only one choice.. drop kick him across the way so he can go get it! Lazy bum…

When he isn’t busy playing blood hound or getting tossed around like a fancy chef salad, he is also capable of transforming into Serah’s weapon and actually doing some damage.

Who ever said that cute couldn’t be versatile?

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