Distinctly Drakey – The Penguin’s Voice Actor Revealed

Distinctly Drakey – The Penguin’s Voice Actor Revealed

Nolan North gets around a bit – after lending his voice to a vast amount of games over the past few years, the voice over king of gaming is set to take on a new role in Arkham City. That’s right, he’s none other than the Penguin!

It seems surreal that Nolan North is playing an iteration of the Penguin with a distinct London accent, but Rocksteady themselves confirmed to CVG that the voice of Oswald Cobbleplot is, truly, Mr North. It’s another notch on the ever-expanding list of gaming characters for Nolan, who’s probably most famous for playing that loveable, swashbuckling and wise-cracking hero Nate Drake.

Of course this just means Arkham City, yet again, becomes a little bit better. I’m still yet to see anything that’s threw up any red flags about the game, so it remains one of this year’s most anticipated titles for me.

Now although he’s talented, I very much doubt Nolan can surpass the brilliance showcased in this classic Batman scene.

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