Digital Distribution Hits The High Street

Digital Distribution Hits The High Street

DLC is to hit retail in the UK, as gaming retailer giant GAME has just announced they plan to roll out a new digital, in-store distribution service for PS3. Intriguing, no?

The idea behind the service is that the gaming customer purchases the item in store, then is given a code which they can go home and pop into their PS3 and download their content, instead of opting to buy a disk.

The new scheme is starting today and is on a trial run in 42 GAME shops around the UK, with plans to roll it out to the 600+ GAME and Gamestation stores around the UK as time goes on.  The scheme, at first, will only offer first-party content from Sony directly, but there are plans to extend further and offer third-party DLC for purchase ins tore.

In terms of pricing, a spokesperson for GAME told Eurogamer that “Pricing depends on title. “Every product is individually displayed and marketed with a specific price point.”  Some people have, however, already expressed concern that retailers may overcharge – since this is digital content, it may be that the profit made by GAME may be much more substantial than the prices they pay for the content, leading many gamers to question whether or not this is a fair deal.

Only time will tell, fellow Manatankers. What do you think about digital distribution invading gaming stores? Thrilled because you don’t have to buy through the PSN? Disgusted and profoundly shaken by this news? Don’t give a flying monkeys? Tell us below!

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