The Lost Tomahawking Odyssey

The Lost Tomahawking Odyssey

You know my friends, I once swore to myself I wouldn’t let it happen again. See, it’s happened in the past, and I finally managed to get out of the monstrous grip of the great beast, only to find myself once again descending into darkness. I’m beyond help now, I’ve rapidly became obsessed and, like a great sinking ship, I sink ever further into the vast ocean that is Call of Duty and can be seen regularly on an evening throwing tomahawks at fellow ManaTankian Eric Pederson.

If you haven’t gathered already, this ‘article’ – if indeed it can be called that – is basically just a ramble of my gaming thoughts over the past week. I thought it might be good fun to share my experiences with you guys; you see, I’m just nice like that.  So yes, this week has mainly revolved around playing COD Black Ops continuously and pretty relentlessly, only broken up periodically by the delight that is Lost Odyssey. *hint hint* check out my absolutely stunningly brilliant review *end of hint hint*

I attribute my COD obsession lately to two factors: one, Eric Pederson, fellow ManaTank writer, who was already obsessed with the game and has now developed such an obsession he’s started throwing tomahawks in his sleep got me back into it and two: immense boredom with the summer gaming cycle. Sure, Deus Ex came out this week along with some just super duper clothing, but I really can’t afford to buy the damn thing right now. However I have it on good authority that Manatank media Mogul mister Matt Eades has proclaimed the game ‘janky’. Interpret the term as you will. Apart from Deus Ex the gaming lineup until the end of the year remains pretty barren – I’m not complaining though, this winter sees an absolutely massive amount of games I simply can’t wait to get my paws on.

In other news, you may have spotted we’ve enlisted a new team member. I hope you all enjoyed Miss Jessica Triniers debut article, a beautifully written piece that shows how our gaming heroines are a gross misinterpretation of women in general. Jess will be writing for us more in the next few weeks whenever she gets some free time, so be sure to check out her stuff as avidly as you do mine and Eric’s. It’s an exciting time for ManaTank as we’ve got big plans going forward – in fact I’m proud to say we’re nearly at 1000 registered members in the space of under a month – you guys are truly amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. *sob* Anyway, you can check out Jess’s article here and add your 2 cents to the writing by commenting below it.

As of today, ManaTank has debuted the ManaNetwork, our social media platform. It may look a bit basic for the moment, but over the next week we’ll be working to make it absolutely brilliant, and soon you’ll have all kinds of nifty stuff to play around with and turn ManaTank into not just a gaming website, but also a community for you, our readers. In the meantime, please enjoy the system we’ve implemented, and keep your eyes peeled for the future updates, which I shall tell you all about in good time.

We also have two extensive previews for you this week, coming courtesy of the flying fingers of myself and Mr Pederson. The first, mine, is for Batman Arkham City and walks you through practically everything you need to know before the game’s October release. The second is about upcoing title Dark Souls, and will likewise tell you all you need to know about the sure-to-be-brutal game coming very soon.

Anyway, that about concludes my ramble for this week. Until next time dear ManaTankian’s, and make sure to tune in to the Saturday Night Stream, coming to you 9PM Central Time (that’s around 3 in the morning if you’re from the UK).



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