Brush Up on Your Elder Scrolls Lore With Steam’s Package Deal

Brush Up on Your Elder Scrolls Lore With Steam’s Package Deal

I have yet to come across someone who isn’t even remotely excited for the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. However, on the other hand, I don’t really know too many people who have a firm grasp on the history and lore that so crucial drives the game. Good thing Steam is here to help you study.

It’s true. The storyline behind the Elder Scrolls series is so precise and so well-thought out that it is next to impossible for any one person to keep it all straight. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point in the future, they offered a college elective course on the subject. Video games are becoming more and more mainstream these days, afterall.

Until that day, you’re on your own, but Steam is going to help you brush up on your facts in the meantime. Right now, Steam is offering up the GOTY edition of both of the previous Elder Scrolls entries at a whopping 67% off.

Retailing at $44.99, the package deal is now an incredibly affordable $14.99. They are on sale separately with Morrowind clocking in at $9.99 and Oblivion $12.49. Even if you already have one or the other, can you really ever have too many copies of The Elder Scrolls?

So, get cracking. Those dungeons need crawling and those pockets aren’t going to pick themselves. Just don’t expect to have either game even remotely completed by the time Skyrim comes out.

*UPDATE* (08/06/2011 – 3:30pm)

It seems that this deal was available for a very limited time. Each game is now marked at 25% off making them $14.99 apiece.

Steam: Elder Scrolls Sale

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