The Borderlands 2 Weapon Manufacturer Showcase

The Borderlands 2 Weapon Manufacturer Showcase

Borderlands had a massive amount of weaponry, and the sequel is going to have a whole lot more, judging by the amount of different in-game weapon manufacturers that have been revealed by Gearbox.

The guns, this time around, are designed to have significantly more personality than they did in the first game – basically you’ll know what brand a weapon is based on how it looks, and soon you’ll be able to tell which one’s your favourite. There’s bound to be hundreds of unique combinations after all, so it’s great to see Gearbox is already planning on packing their sequel with more content than the first.

But what exactly are some of these companies? Well, allow me to educate you:


The weaponry of choice of none other than the Bandits, the idea behind this weaponry is it’s very ramshackle – the bandits have basically grabbed whatever they can find and have jammed it all together to create a weapon. For example, a sniper rifle may have a scope made out a glass bottle instead of conventional materials – they do, however, apparently have larger magazine sizes.


Returning from the first game in the series, DAHL weaponry is the ‘realistic’ weaponry of the Borderlands universe. These are the type of weapons you’d find kicking around other FPS’s such as COD, and as such they’re designed to be similar to a lot of modern weaponry. Basically these are the guns for those who don’t want to be unconventional, and are therefore probably going to be quite dull to use compare to some of the others. Oh well!


Quite difficult to find in the original Borderlands, Hyperion guns are top of the range, usually unique weapons that give the player unique bonuses. They’re also the primary manufacturers of CL4PTrAPS, as well as the mysterious satellite that you may remember put in an appearance at the end of the original Borderlands.


Russian guns equipped with minigun barrels, even when they’re AK47’s. Certainly very Borderlands-ish, these weapons were famously unaccurate in the first title, although I can’t imagine minigun barrels allowing the player to maintain much accuracy.

There’s a load more information about some of the other weapon’s manufacturers over at GameInformer, who are doing  month long coverage of the title.



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