Black Ops Becomes Rezurrected

Black Ops Becomes Rezurrected

You know sometimes how things just keep coming back again and again, much like the undead? Well, Call of Duty Black Ops is to get yet another DLC content pack, it has just been announced by Activision. Funnily enough, this one’s jam packed of smelly, decaying corpses who want to eat your brains.

Set for release on August 23d exclusively on Xbox 360 to begin with, the new pack is entitled ‘Rezurrection’ and will eventually be ported to PS3 and PC as is the tradition with Black Ops’ rapidly growing amount of expansion packs for Blops. Rezurrection does not only refer to the shambling undead coming back to life though – instead it refers to the fact that this pack is designed to ‘rezurrect’ classic maps from Call of Duty’s zombie mode and remaster them using the Blops engine.

Including within the pack is the following:

  • An all new, ‘Moon’ level, which causes our beloved shiny thing in the night sky to be covered in a smear of undead losers who must be sent back to the grave pronto.
  • Classic, remastered zombie levels entitled Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese.
  • An enhanced zombies soundtrack, with three brand new tracks available to buy.
  • A lovely zombie moon theme, to jazz up your console.

“For our fans who purchased the Black Ops Hardened or Prestige Editions and already own the four re-mastered maps, the other contents in the Rezurrection pack will be included at no cost, including Moon, the soundtrack and the theme,” Activision said. If you’re not one of those people though, it’ll cost you 1200 points, which, if you’ve bought all the other map packs (Escalation, First Strike and Annihilation) means you are officially COD obsessed and have probably spent most of this year’s electricity allowance on DLC for this title.

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