Bioware Listening to Fan Criticism for Dragon Age 3

Bioware Listening to Fan Criticism for Dragon Age 3

Bioware is shaping up Dragon Age 3 to be a blend of the best bits of 1 and 2; according to Bioware CEO Dr Ray Muzyka, the game is designed to appease fans of both the original and the sequel.

Speaking to PC Gamer at Gamescom, Bioware CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka said “The team is going to have some things that are going to surprise both sets of fans, both core fans and new fans with a marriage of the best from both games, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.” Dragon Age 2 itself famously split fans down the middle when it was released earlier this year, with many criticising the new direction while some loved the more action-oriented approach of the sequel.

Dr Ray also had something to say about the divide, stating: “It’s interesting because the first reviews – the number of the reviews was also very polarised, awesomely so. Lots of 90+ reviews, we also got fans that I think in some cases who were expecting more Dragon Age: Origins, and there was a misalignment of expectation there.

“One of the core values of Bioware is that we take feedback really seriously, and we know that the core fans who were expecting more Dragon Age Origins – we have to respond to that – we’re not willing to ignore that, we’re going to take that head on.”

So don’t despair Origins fans, all is not yet lost and the great Bioware may yet turn their act around and present us with a threequel that is every bit as good as the original game was. Speaking from a personal perspective, as long as they don’t constantly make me wander around the same city/repeated dungeons, I’ll probably be a lot happier.

But what do you think fellow MT’ers? Do you think Bioware can turn around the series, or indeed do you think they need to? Did you perhaps enjoy Dragon Age 2 more than Origins? Tell us in that damn snazzy little comment box underneath, or alternatively go argue about it in the forums to your hearts’ content.




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