Bats and The Bane: Villain Teams With Dark Knight In New Screens

Bats and The Bane: Villain Teams With Dark Knight In New Screens

BATMANA! (sorry, had to be done). I’m very excited for Batman: Arkham City – Rocksteady is slowly trickling out gameplay teasers every so often that excite me every single time, and the latest of the screens from the game is absolutely no exception.

As you can see above, in the image Batman is seen, it seems, to be fending off a load of villains with the assistance of Bane. Now you may remember that Mr Bane is meant to be a villain – it seems that at some point in the tale he has a change of heart (even if it’s only temporarily) and agrees to help Batman in return for something.  There’s always a chance, of course, that Bane could at any point just seize hold of Batman and destroy him, but we’ll have to wait and see what Bane’s true motives are when Arkham City is released this October.

Bane’s picture also confirms him for the game, and adds his villainous demeanour to the already crowded cast of criminals that are set to descend upon the wide and sprawling streets of Arkham City. With this in mind, it seems Rocksteady is going all out to deliver with Arkham City – Asylum is widely held as the best Batman game ever, and I’m truly hoping Rocksteady can deliver an even better experience with the sequel.

Although news of Bane’s confirmation is undoubtedly the most interesting point here, there’s also four other new images been released. The first showcases a one-armed penguin goon looking menacing, while the next two show Miss Selena Kyle (AKA Catwoman) wrapping her legs in more ways than one around some unsuspecting enemies.

The final image showcases a bat taser, a new stunning device which appears to be brand new for the game and is presumably used for shocking enemies in fights, all linked together in the free-flow combat system.

Arkham City can’t come soon enough, until it does though, enjoy these screens.

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