New ‘AAA’ Rambo Game In The Works, Coming 2012

New ‘AAA’ Rambo Game In The Works, Coming 2012

For a movie like Rambo, which is basically a non-stop killing fest only broken up the occasional explosion and screams of pain, making a shooter out of it seems a no brainer, right? Well with this in mind, Reef Entertainment have confirmed that they are in fact developing a Rambo game for release next year, and they’re claiming it will be a AAA title.

Reef recently acquired the rights to publish a number of games based on the Sylvester Stallone movie collection, so its not hard to see why they would turn to the over-the-top action hero as a means for creating a brand new game. You may have already spotted a Rambo game actually nestling in arcades in certain places, although its unknown whether the title will currently actually be anything like the arcade counterpart, which is on-rails.

Craig Lewis, commercial director of Reef had the following to say: “We have big ambitions for Reef and the Rambo IP is the first step in establishing us as a worldwide player.

“Rambo will be a triple-A title on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and will capture the gritty atmosphere and full-on action which made the Rambo movies so successful.”

It’s not hard to see a Rambo game being absolutely jam-packed with action, more deaths than is strictly necessary and a great emphasis on blowing absolutely everything up in sight. There’s probably also going to be some nifty stealthy trap sections – if the movies are anything to go by – which should help keep the experience fresh and interesting. Personally I’m expecting some kind of Metal Gear Snake Eater/COD hybrid, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The game is set to arrive sometime next year, and may well end up being a movie to videogame title that isn’t completely terrible. Let’s face it, they’ve had long enough to develop it, since the first Rambo movie actually came out in 1982. More on this story as it develops.

Source: MCV

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