Say Hello to Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7!

Say Hello to Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7!

Super Mario 3DS and Mario Kart 3DS now have official names, revealed this morning by the good people at Nintendo after they announced the significant price drop of the 3DS. They’ve also revealed tentative release dates for the two titles.

Super Mario 3D has now been rebranded, and is named Super Mario 3D Land. If its anywhere as awesome as the original Super Mario Land, Nintendo could be on to a winner right there. The game itself is set to be a celebration of Mario throughout the years, marrying together classic 2D Mario with the excitement and visuals of later titles such as Super Mario Galaxy. The plan at the moment is to release Mario’s first official 3D outing this November, although there’s no exact, totally concrete date of when the title will emerge.

Mario Kart 3D, meanwhile, has been rebranded as Mario Kart 7, and thus becomes the first Mario Kart game to be branded with a number (isn’t it lucky!). This title is set to be released worldwide in December this year, so this winter seems to be just full of Mario goodness.

The two titles are sure to build up interest once again in the 3DS which has suffered due to higher pricing than people were willing to pay, and people being reluctant to adopt 3D gaming into their lifestyle. With the impending arrival of Sony’s PS Vita, these two titles may well just be the saving grace of the 3DS, which is going to have a lot on its proverbial plate when the Vita officially hits market.

Make sure to check back right here at for more information about these titles as we get it. We’ll certainly be warping down to our local store to check out these titles come this winter courtesy of our respective green piping systems. Will you? Tell us below in the comments about what you think about these two titles.




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