Slim Down That Bulge in Your Arcade Stick

Slim Down That Bulge in Your Arcade Stick

LEDs, custom screen printing, and moded chip boards are among the few modifications that are making waves here at EVO, but perhaps one of the biggest, and most important modifications to hit isn’t even out yet.

As I meandered around the game floor of EVO I came to the harsh realization that the whole fighting game world is almost entirely foreign to me. I thought my knowledge of Mortal Kombat and obsession with Reptile was sufficient enough to warrant a spot in this field, but I noticed very quickly that I was lacking quite a bit more than knowledge. Mountains of bags lay stacked in the corner, clearly full of something massive and bulky. Each and every fighter has their own unique fighting stick that is essentially their lifeline to the tournament. However, I noticed one thing about each stick… they are far from the most convenient thing to tote around, mainly due to the massive joystick protruding from the top. Luckily, someone is on the ball and providing gamers with a chance to make their sticks just a bit more portable.


I sat down with Clayton Knight from and he gave me the skinny on his new, upcoming arcade stick modification that is bound to revolutionize the championship fighting world. Known mainly for his dual stick mods and other custom case modifications, Clayton has developed an ingenious way for gamers to remove their arcade stick and tuck it away to make for a more comfortable and portable unit as well increase the level of customization.

Modeled after a basic air coupler, the 2 piece attachment is a simple detachable, drop in replacement for the standard JLF shaft. The original shaft is not removable and creates an awful bulge in whatever you are storing the stick in, but with the detachable shaft, the entire joystick is capable of popping right off in the blink of an eye.


The new shaft holds just as tight as the spring and the coupler is strong enough so that it will not accidentally come lose. Simply applying a bit of upward pressure to the coupler unlocks the shaft and it pops right off.

Installation of the new shaft clocks in at less than 10 minutes, including removing all the bolts and e-clips, making this an almost obvious modification choice for even the most technically inept person.

What makes this modification unique is the continue ease of use it offers gamers. Customization is the name of the game in the arcade stick world and gamers like to put their own personal touch wherever they can. One of the modifications that gets slightly glazed over is the interchangeable joystick balls. It isn’t impossible to do, but it certainly isn’t easy.

The unit comes with one full link (2 pieces) and a 1/8 in bit hex key that, when the joystick is off, can be inserted into the bored out shaft and be used to loosen the head and replace the ball.

From inception to creation took less than 5 months and the finished product is expected to be rolling out here in the next few weeks. Everything we have seen so far have been beta units hand made by a machinist, but the final products will be assembled in US factories.

Estimated cost is projected to be less than $35.

Check out the links and other modifications at or follow him on Twitter @PhreakMods.

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