Return to Silent Hill, This Time in HD

Return to Silent Hill, This Time in HD

The name of the game recently seems to be “remakes” and the nice people at Konami are following suit with the Silent Hill series. If you missed the chance to have your pants scared off by this series original games, your day is coming.

Silent Hill is the frontrunner when it comes to survival horror and Konami is going to give gamers the chance to relive the horror with the upcoming HD remake of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3.

Silent Hill 2 follows James Sunderland as he haphazardly ambles into the sleepy town of Silent Hill. He has received a letter from his long dead wife telling him to meet her there, and captivated by the chance to see her again, he makes his way into the horror that waits ahead. James must confront the truth and face the reality that his wife is in fact dead all while trying to escape to the demon Red Pyramid – also known as Pyramid Head. His fears have manifested themselves in the form of living monsters that lurk within the haze engulfing the terrifying town of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill 3 served as a true sequel to the original game and follows Heather as she stumbles into the misty town in search of her father, Harry Mason. Claudia, a member of a demonic cult that is spreading insanity throughout the world, is responsible for beckoning Heather into town with intentions of birthing a new god.


  • Both titles re-mastered in full 720p
  • Completely updated in-game voiceovers directed by series vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and soundtrack score enhancing the storytelling and ambient music within re-master game
  • Full PlayStation Network Trophies support integration

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