Modern Warfare 3 Getting Special Hori Mouse and Keyboard Setup For PS3

Modern Warfare 3 Getting Special Hori Mouse and Keyboard Setup For PS3

 The biggest name in third party controllers is gearing up for the release of Modern Warfare 3 this fall by designing an entirely new gaming setup for those who insist that playing shooters with a mouse and keyboard is better. Enter the T.A.C. 3.

Keyboard and mouse setups are notoriously more accurate and provide an overall better gaming experience, but with the unfortunate decline in PC focus for games, the preferred setup is getting pushed to the back burner a bit. Console gamers are controlling the industry and the advent of dual analog sticks has changed the way shooters the world over are played, and rightfully so. Console gamers don’t really tend to sit at a desk or table when they play. They plop down on the couch or in my case, on the floor like an 8-year-old kid on a Saturday morning, and settle in for a long gaming session. A keyboard just doesn’t lend itself very well to the situation. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

The developers at Hori have designed the Tactical Assault Commander 3 for use on the PS3 console to give keyboard and mouse gamers the PC gaming experience they want.


  • Adjustable mouse sensitivity
    • 3 mouse sensitivity levels including Narrow for snipers and Wide for assault gunning.
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Removable wrist pad
  • LED Backlight Display

The controller will come setup for Call of Duty and this particular version will be available only at Best Buy. Set to release around the launch of Call of Duty, the T.A.C. will retail for $39.99.

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