Well hello there, soon to be donator!

You are interested in either supporting the site (Paragon) or you want access to the secret, donator only podcast archive and forums (slightly less Paragon). $10 will get you all of that (for life of course), plus a personal super long distance knuckle bump from Eades.

Where is the money going? Well, every week we use literally thousands of gigabytes of data hosting the podcast and that number increases as more and more episodes come into existence. Right now we use over 35 000 gb of data every single month. All donations are going 100% to hosting the podcast and the website. By donating you are literally helping to keep the site running.

ManaTank has, and will continue, to be entirely ad free. We think ads are intrusive and suck. Most of you probably do too.

For anyone wonder where our equipment comes/has come from the staff has paid for it almost entirely out of pocket.

Thanks again for considering donating, it really means a lot to us.