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ManaTank Podcast - 3/31/2013 - ManaTank

ManaTank Podcast – 3/31/2013

ManaTank Podcast – 3/31/2013

The worst junior football team in the league is back – talking mess about BioShock: Infinite and Super Black Bass 3D.

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  1. BlueTurkey

    Can any of you do a bioshock infinite play through? I’d love to buy it but I suck at everything first person but I’d love to see everything that happens.

    • I respect those games far too much to sully them with a commentary.

      Man up, dial the difficulty down to easy and prepare to have your MIND BLOWN.

    • Seriously… BUY IT!

  2. Daemon300

    @Matt Eades

    Is it better than Minerva’s Den?

  3. petden

    I finished Bioshock yesterday, it’s amazing, it’s one of my favourite games. The ending is mind blowing, I’ve been thinking about it since then. I love the story. I never played the previous Bioshock games, but I probably will.

  4. Ouzarou is the giant ape in DBZ, at least that’s how I think you spell you it.

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